Farrowing huts

Financially most interesting is the usage of farrowing huts. Our farrowing huts are made of 5 layers of softwood, double walls all around with a 30mm thick layer of polystyrene. This building method will guarantee good production results even in months with extreme temperatures.
The advantages of the A-frame hut compared to the conventional arch-shaped huts are obvious: there's more light inside the hut, it is easily accessible, easy to strew and provides a good view of the animals. It also makes it possible for the sow to protect at least one side for their piglets whatever the direction of the wind is.

Dimensions: Floor space 4.2m², inside area 2.35m x 1.80m, height 1.25m, weight about 250kg. It comes with control- and ventilation hinge door and transport eyelids. Additional equipment is available: poly curtain strips, door and fender or ramp, transport-hook and pig-rails.

Dry sow arcs