Weaner huts

Our weaner huts are insulated all around - also around the feeder - and therefore ideal for continental climate. It has a large roof flap to strew, to fill the feeder and to check the animals. This hut is designed for about 70 weaners or 35 weaners at 28kg each.
Dimensions: Floor space 8.7m², inside area 3.56m x 2.44m, height 0.90m - 1.30m, weight about 600kg. It comes with a 2m long ventilation flap above the entrance and transport bails.
Available equipment: Hurdles, water supply, feeder, door and poly curtain strips.

The weaner hut has a large roof flap to check the hut as well as to feed the animals and strew. The flap is very strong and is insulated like the outside wall behind the feeder. This way condensation water in the very sensitive area of the feeder can be avoided.

The piglets, provided there is the appropriate number of them in a hut, generate enough heat that even on frosty days and nights the inside of the hut is kept at an adequate temperature. If it is very cold the water container can be placed close or even inside the hut.

The use of weaner huts is versatile. This image shows a hut on sandy ground, which is common in outdoor farming.

Or, as in this image, the hut is standing on firmer ground with a hurdle-run on a grid. The piglets can temporarily be protected with a tarpaulin. This farmer did, however, replace the tarpaulin with a more solid roof.

A long-term solution is much more favourable as it will protect the piglets from sunburn and will reduce the number of times the farmer has to strew. The weaner hut in the image on the left is built on concrete soil and without a grid.

We also supply various models of weaner huts built using the features of the dry sow and serving huts. The standard model for a piglet hut in this series is the serving hut, 3m x 4.60m. It offers enough space for 55 piglets up to 30kg or about 85 piglets up to 15kg.

The insulated standard model comes with two 100 liter water tanks, which are fixed to the gable in the entrance area inside.

The feeder is fixed to the opposite gable and holds 150kg of fodder. It can be filled from the outside.

Above the feeder there is a 0.90m x 0.40m large opening with a grid to provide additional ventilation if necessary. The grid can be adjusted by using a sliding mechanism.
The standard model also has a 40cm high flap in the entrance area.

This model as well as the dry sow hut is also used for finishing. If used for finishing, it provides enough room for 20 (hut length of 4.60m) or 27 animals (hut length of 6m) and we offer a feeder that holds 210kg rather than 150kg of fodder.
Dry sow and serving huts made of galvanized metal doe come with insulation, however, it can be put in afterwards. If you wish, we can insulate the back and front of the hut as well.

Serving huts