Serving huts

The serving hut is 1.70m high. It is built in 4 different sizes, width either 3m or 4m, length either 4.6m or 6m. All models can be supplied with an insulated roof. On the large image you can see the divided door option and on the small image in the top right corner you find the single door option (1m x 1.30m).

The serving huts are also used in the dry sow area or as shown for finishing. Especially in summer this hut, which is 0.50m higher than the dry sow hut, is more airy.

The hut is put up quickly and easily. The metal sheets of the roof are not fixed directly to the 0.15m high timber, but connected with an angle. Both ends are identical, same as with the dry sow huts. Therefore, the door can be fixed to either gable, and taking away the door can provide coolness during hot weather.

Water supply