Dry sow arcs

We supply huts that have 5-7 layers of 15mm plywood walls and are waterproof glued as well as more than 20 different models of metal huts.
The roof of the plywood hut is insulated with a 20mm layer of polystyrene and covered with a metal sheet. This hut can also be used as a finishing hut and is often found in goose and sheep farming.
Dimensions: Floor space 7 m², inside area 2.40m x 2.90m, height 1.25m, weight about 220kg. It comes with a ventilation flap and transport eyelid.

Should you decide to use a metal hut, we offer 12 different models that are very well made, easy to assemble and durable. This dry-sow hut is available in 12 varieties. All of them are about 2.30m wide, 1.25m high and available in three different lengths 2.30m, 3.05m or 3.80m. They can be supplied with a metal frame and wooden planks, insulated or not insulated.

Weaner huts